Who we are

After working and volunteering at various animal shelters in Australia, we experienced the joys of dogs finding new homes, but also experienced sadness with an increasing number of dogs being euthanised in dog pounds. We wanted to make a difference by rescuing as many dogs possible who have been displaced through homelessness, cruelty, and impulse buying.

Working with a network of volunteers, foster caregivers, local veterinarians, vet nurses, trainers/behaviouralists, pounds, other rescue organisations and the community, we will serve as a resource providing information on pet ownership, including spay/neutering, positive reinforcement behaviour training, nutrition, and veterinary care.  Families who adopt from our rescue will be willing to go the extra mile to assist and nurture each dog that enters our care.

Our Family 

Rangi-Lee Dunn – Co-Founder 

Growing up in New Zealand on a farm and an appreciation of all creatures great and small, she has experience in dealing with different farm animals including assisting with the delivery of calves and lambs. She has volunteered with numerous animal rescues for over 5 years in Victoria and has comprehensive experience in dealing with dogs of all shapes, sizes and behaviours that have found themselves without a home through no fault of their own. She has a passion for animal welfare and education. Together we will make a difference.

Ana Klonkova – Co-Founder

Ana is a veterinary nurse that has  completed a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, including a Diploma  of  Leadership and Management, a Certificate in Marketing and a Certificate III in Animal Studies at Holmesglen Institute. She has volunteered for over 4 years at an  animal  shelter in Victoria and has in-depth experience dealing with dogs that have been neglected, traumatised, or hurt throughout their lives.  Her passion and love for animals has inspired her to be a part of the solution to end animal cruelty. She has recently completed a Certificate IV in Vet Nursing.

Muss Dunn – Executive Assistant and Mascot

Muss (Mussy Boy as known to some) is an American Bull Dog X who adores human contact and helps out with very important tasks, including and not limited to, sleeping on the job, boosting morale, and greeting everyone with love and lots of licks. He takes his duties very seriously and is improving on his time-management and organisational skills. 


We strive for a world where all animals are loved and valued. We want to inspire kindness and compassion, to end suffering and cruelly and to work towards a day where no animal is euthanised. 


Protect and advocate for animals in need, while engaging the hearts and minds of our community, that promotes love and comfort to strengthen the bond between human and animal.

Sustainability and the Environment 

As people we are conscious of our emissions and damage to the environment, we are also focused on incorporating sustainable methods into the processes of our rescue. We want to be a part of the solution to climate change, not add to the problem. Therefore, we will work to use sustainable products to reduce our carbon footprint, where possible. As people of this world, we have a duty to help save our environment and we will do our best to protect it and establish practices that allow us to do so, while helping animals that are suffering, find their forever homes. If you would like to collaborate or have an amazing sustainable idea that you would like to share with us, please email us at hello@hope4pawsanimalrescue.org.au to discuss. 


We maintain strict protocols to ensure the health and safety of our volunteers and animals, which is priority as we progress to a COVID-normal. In line with government guidelines, we are taking the necessary precautions with safety front of mind. We are committed to the highest standards of health and safety for our volunteers, foster carers, staff, adopters, and the general public.